Tuesday, August 27

bahamas photodiary..

    Hey there, I hope you're all doing well! A couple of weeks ago, my family and I took a trip down to The Bahamas.. It was the perfect way to unwind after such a long (albeit successful) internship in Boston. I miss the sunshine, blue skies, and open water now but I'm thrilled to show you one day in the amazing week I had over there: My trip to the Atlantis! 

[we found Nemo!]

1. My brother and I (#nomakeup smh) by the pool on the first day we got there! We were unintentionally color-coordinated and he was getting sick of taking pictures.
2. One of the many colorful houses we would see on this island.
3. Waiting in line to get on the Ferry. Note another colorful shack. 
4. Excuse the blurry shot. I realize those sunglasses were practically on my head the whole time we were there! 
5-8. Some pictures of the lost city of Atlantis and the aquariums there! 
9. I love the contrast of these green eels against the coral pots. It was so pretty! 
10. My mom by the dolphin fountain in the lobby.
11. The Atlantis Bahamas in all its glory.
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