Sunday, July 7

Work-Week Approved!

Work-Week Approved!

If you're anything like me, the concepts of summer and work have such a strong disconnect in your mind that it's really hard to consider the two together. When I think of summer, I think of florals, bright colors, short shorts and HEAT. Work, on the other hand brings dull to mind - monochrome, harsh lines/silhouettes, stuffy suits, ties and clouds. Finding the balance of work and climate-appropriate is such a struggle for me that I decided to make this set as inspiration!

Thankfully, the company I work for has no strict policy on dressing! This freedom does comes with the paralysis of choice every morning and I don't think I'm the only one who suffers this. I put this together as a guide for myself [and you] to get creative! From stuffy monday to casual friday [growing progressively casual] - you'd never be too dressed up nor too shabby again! 

What you might already know:

1. Wearing whites and bright colors will put you in a better mood while you're stuck indoors from 9 to 5!
2. Cotton and other breathable fabrics are a necessity in this heatwave! 
3. White and gold go really well together. 
4. Bare arms+shoulders OR bare legs... Never both. Please.
5. Wearing heels? Pack flats! You don't want to be bare-foot, a penguin or a bare-foot penguin by 3pm!
6. When in doubt, ask your manager! You're better off being 'Over-Cautious Girtude' than 'Sanctioned/Unemployed Sally' over something as silly as dress. 

Have fun!

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