Tuesday, July 16

turtle necks and poster sketches

turtle neck - h&m
pants - h&m
flats - coach
necklace - AA

This is me killing two birds with one stone - putting up an outfit and practicing my illustration all in one post! I got introduced to illustration about a month or two ago, and I was really excited to try my hand at it! Art is something I've always felt I could be good at, but never had the patience or outlets to hone my skills (if you can call this skill). Inspired by the likes of Hayden Williams and Garance DorĂ©, I really hope illustration is something I will come to be effortlessly expressive with. I used copic markers and illustration pen for this piece - it's not my best or most detailed work but its a start! It took me 3 mins to sketch out what I wore to work and I couldn't wait to share it with you! Let me know if you would like to see my other illustrations. :-)

Silly me wore this outfit on a hot summer day just because I was leaving for work at 8am and it was grey outside. Surely, I learnt my lesson when I was walking home under the still-scorching 5pm sun. In hindsight, maybe checking the full weather report would have been a good idea... Then again, I would have missed my shot at looking like a debonair french painter/ florist/ curator/ somebody that day! So maybe everything does happen for a reason! 

p.s. I'm thinking about starting an illustration project soon, but I really cannot decide on what I should do! If you're interested in doing a project with me then please email me, or leave a comment. It could be a project on our summer inspirations or our favorite things/trends/people/places. We'd just end up posting what we made for each other to see! It'd be really fun to do and I'd love to see what you guys produce. It's still just an idea so let me know if it's something you might be interested in doing! 

Have a lovely week!

Sunday, July 7

Work-Week Approved!

Work-Week Approved!

If you're anything like me, the concepts of summer and work have such a strong disconnect in your mind that it's really hard to consider the two together. When I think of summer, I think of florals, bright colors, short shorts and HEAT. Work, on the other hand brings dull to mind - monochrome, harsh lines/silhouettes, stuffy suits, ties and clouds. Finding the balance of work and climate-appropriate is such a struggle for me that I decided to make this set as inspiration!

Thankfully, the company I work for has no strict policy on dressing! This freedom does comes with the paralysis of choice every morning and I don't think I'm the only one who suffers this. I put this together as a guide for myself [and you] to get creative! From stuffy monday to casual friday [growing progressively casual] - you'd never be too dressed up nor too shabby again! 

What you might already know:

1. Wearing whites and bright colors will put you in a better mood while you're stuck indoors from 9 to 5!
2. Cotton and other breathable fabrics are a necessity in this heatwave! 
3. White and gold go really well together. 
4. Bare arms+shoulders OR bare legs... Never both. Please.
5. Wearing heels? Pack flats! You don't want to be bare-foot, a penguin or a bare-foot penguin by 3pm!
6. When in doubt, ask your manager! You're better off being 'Over-Cautious Girtude' than 'Sanctioned/Unemployed Sally' over something as silly as dress. 

Have fun!

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