Saturday, June 29

summer footwear [haul]!

nike blazers {after searching for months! yay!}
h&m strappy sandals
chanel espadrilles

Honestly, the fact that I've been living in Boston for the past 8 months has made dressing up very difficult for me... I couldn't bring my whole wardrobe down here, so I've been trying hard not to 'impromptu' buy things just because I need them or because they're trendy right now. I want to be able to have these classic pieces several seasons from now and still love them like the first time I bought them! With this in mind, as I was purchasing footwear all season I kept reciting 'neutral Jackie neutral', 'neutral Jackie neutral'. I think it worked! What do you think?

Friday, June 28

stepping out of the dark..

Hey there,

Remember me? Jackie? Girl showcasing what she called style on this blog for the most part of 2012. You came along for the ride, and were such a forgiving passenger! You encouraged me on the "meh" days and rooted for me on the "girl you nailed it" days! That was all a learning experience and I'm so glad you stuck with me for so long.

I abandoned the blog when I moved to Boston for an internship. I was in a place where I was just not comfortable with sharing any part of my life with the world. Even if it was just the clothes I was wearing. Things are looking brighter now though, so I think I'm ready to come back.

The blog will be taking a completely different direction from the one it had before. Not as many outfit posts, but it'll still be a style blog [in some ways]. It's new beginnings all around me! I also really need your help in finding my lost sense of style [if I ever had one].

It really is a gradual process..


Let's try this again! 
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