Thursday, April 19

GUEST POST - Inner Beauty: Finding Comfort in Modern Fashion

By: Jackie Clark

Is your inner beauty feeling tarnished following a diagnosis of mesothelioma cancer or other life-threatening disease? Have mesothelioma treatments, a flurry of doctors’ visits or a grim prognosis encouraged you to trade courage for discouragement? It’s time to let your inner light show, and sometimes that inner light needs some outside help.

Modern women often joke about retail therapy, but for those facing mesothelioma or other life-threatening cancers, retail therapy might provide a much-needed shot of hope and encouragement. When was the last time you bought a new pair of shoes that you really loved? Maybe the time to shop for shoes has come once again.

Some women find shoe shopping online sufficient, but for the hard-core shoe lover, nothing beats feeling the fabric and smelling the leather, the glue, the rubber and hemp that go into fashionable, sturdy footwear. Pick a day when you are feeling strong and able to walk around the mall. For support and some girl time, bring along a friend. Shoe stores are great because benches, chairs and all manner of resting places abound for the purpose of allowing customers to find the perfect fit. Browse selections as you wish, then take a seat and let your friend help by bringing fun finds to you. 

Try on as many styles as you like. The selection of sassy women’s styles this year is astounding. For those who like a classic, casual look, boat shoes provide fashionable comfort and support. Of course, summer shoes in an array of designs can be found all over this year. Strappy sandals with or without ankle support are a fashion favorite. Ankle wraps and ribbons are also featured on comfy ballet flats and even wedge high heels. 

Are you tired of bland colors in comfortable shoes? Fashions of 2012 will save the day. Many classic Mary Janes now sport bright colors and patterns. The ever-popular Converse trainer Chuck Taylor design now comes in low, high, and extra-high top styles and features a diverse array of brilliant colors and even designs such as plaid. 

Of course, fresh style doesn’t need to stop with the shoes. Once you have that pair of Chucks, a sexy pair of skinny jeans to tuck into them might be the perfect touch. If you’re an accessories girl, perhaps pick up a new bag to match a pair of Mary Janes. 

Let happy colors and a little something nice and comfortable to wear or carry boost your spirit. Soon your tarnished inner beauty, worn down by the struggles of illness and treatment will be shining like new. A serious prognosis of mesothelioma is the beginning of a new challenge, not the end. Renew your interest in self-care and confidence so you, with the strength and character of amazing inner beauty, can rise every day to meet and conquer the challenge.

Tuesday, April 17


top - New Look
jeans - Bershka
bag - Urban Expressions
watch - Michael Kors
shoes - Steve Madden

[eek, I know: better backgrounds and photoshop skills to be acquired soon.. bear with me. :-) ]

So I completely missed the chance yesterday to wear something befitting of the 80 degree record-breaking (for April) weather in Rochester. Oh well, life goes on.. I woke up this morning, with my mind made up to wear black and white. I don't know what inspired me, but I'm sure glad it did. I threw on the red bag and red lipstick [M.A.C Ruby Woo] for the cliché effect; haha, sue me, I was in a really good mood. I think my good mood carried throughout the day because of this outfit, actually! I wonder if somewhere in the world someone said "wear black, white and red for good luck today!" I aced my exam, loads of my deadlines got postponed and I had the time to catch up on all the blogs I hadn't read in weeks, and cook! I feel like I'm content, at peace even!

Thursday, April 12

working class girl..

parka - H&M
chambray shirt - H&M
boyfriend jeans - H&M
shoes - Converse
bag - Mulberry 'Alexa'

Well, I admit this isn't your typical depiction of "working class girls" but believe me, this is what they really look like. lol. I really miss blogging, but this quarter is just taking up every minute of my time! I stole a few back just to show you what I look like on my most hectic days. After not putting on makeup in the morning (*gasp!*), three 2-hour classes and on my way to the lab to write code for 7 more hours... Yeah, stressed! Sigh, life as an Engineering major. 

I love how comfortable, practical and easy this look is, though. Oh, and no matter how much controversy there is about denim on denim - I will always wear it! 

Hope you're having a stress-free week, wherever you are! 
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