Wednesday, November 7

the color purple..

headband - f21
sweater - Goodwill
belt - American Apparel
riding pants - American Apparel
boots - Dr. Marten

I hope you will all excuse my absence.. Last month was one of my most hectic ever. I was so busy with schoolwork and other stuff, and I'm sorry to have neglected the blog. I appreciate my avid followers and I thank you all for your continued readership!

Here's just an outfit post for you guys showing off my recent purchase from Goodwill! It makes me feel like I walked off the set of Saved By the Bell and I have to hurry back for my scene with Mario Lopez haha. I've been embracing the 90's trend a lot lately and I'm trying too hard to avoid binge-thrifting. I love how versatile this sweater is though: it could be worn as a dress, left unbelted for a more grunge look, used as a blanket? lol. How would YOU wear this? I'd love to know! 

Have a lovely week! 

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