Monday, October 8

Bryant Park x Printed Pants

sunglasses - RayBans
necklace - Express
jacket - American Eagle
top - Delia
pants - H&M
bag - Urban Expressions

     It was a beautiful day in Manhattan...
This weekend I decided to take a trip down to the city to visit my friend. It was my chance to get a break from the stress of school and unwind for the weekend. We took all these pictures walking around the city and absorbing its high energy! I don't know what it is that really inspires me about Manhattan, but I just love to be here. This outfit really represents everything I've been living in lately: harem pants, high buns and oversized clothing!

Look out for the photodiary from my trip I'll be posting soon! 


  1. Yeah! I hear you! Manhattan has a soul of its own and once you fall in love with it;u are bound!U look like u were having fun!!!

  2. Love the printof the trousers x

  3. Love love love love your blog! Its Mey-Thought I will respond back to you about my nails from your page....they dont chip, but I changed my nail colour within a week as I got bored! xxx


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