Sunday, June 17


Yeah, its that time of the year again.. The resort collections are rolling in. We all have a dozen tabs of open scouring the collections our favorite fashion houses have to offer. This is one of my favorites: the Moschino 2013 resort. 

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Before I saw this collection, I considered Moschino a "vintage" brand. To me, they were the fashion house that created timeless pieces way-back-when which we can still wear today. The designs in this collection are so trendy, wearable and current - my opinions have definitely changed. The collection has got chambray, floral, pastel and neon elements: it doesn't get more Spring/Summer 2013 than this. MOSCHINO have a solid foothold in this era and they are not going anywhere!
Sorry Betsey, guess it's just you then. :)

Have a lovely week!

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  1. This is quite interesting;MOSCHINO is stirring from slumber! Very refreshing too.


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