Tuesday, April 17


top - New Look
jeans - Bershka
bag - Urban Expressions
watch - Michael Kors
shoes - Steve Madden

[eek, I know: better backgrounds and photoshop skills to be acquired soon.. bear with me. :-) ]

So I completely missed the chance yesterday to wear something befitting of the 80 degree record-breaking (for April) weather in Rochester. Oh well, life goes on.. I woke up this morning, with my mind made up to wear black and white. I don't know what inspired me, but I'm sure glad it did. I threw on the red bag and red lipstick [M.A.C Ruby Woo] for the cliché effect; haha, sue me, I was in a really good mood. I think my good mood carried throughout the day because of this outfit, actually! I wonder if somewhere in the world someone said "wear black, white and red for good luck today!" I aced my exam, loads of my deadlines got postponed and I had the time to catch up on all the blogs I hadn't read in weeks, and cook! I feel like I'm content, at peace even!


  1. love the hair, is it all yours?

  2. Thanks, I wish!
    But its all my work! haha


  3. Looking good girl. And nice blog. Keep it up!

  4. Really nice outfit and blog! I follow you via bloglovin and gfc:)

  5. Amazing look, you look adorable!

  6. Haha you are cute! Glad you had a happy day :)
    Lovely blouse aswell!



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