Friday, March 16

Inspiration: Mashup..

Just random photos that inspired me recently...

1. source: the blonde salad. A spectacular arm party.. 
2. source: the blonde salad. I think anyone would adore fall/winter JUST to wear those Valentino gloves!
3. source: beautycrush. Like the Lita's didn't have enough tough-titude on their own. The jeans and the chain? Holy Smokes!  
4: source: neonblush. I just love how the layers and textures flow well together.
5. source: seaofshoes. If only Cinderella had had a choice between these and that old glass slipper..
6. source: neonblush. Nothing like Breath-of-fresh-air scenery!
7. source: the blonde salad. The Proenza Bike. (No, the bike itself isn't Proenza Schouler, the bags are!)
8. source: jay strutHere's so many of my favorite things: The Givenchy Rotweiler tshirt, the Céline mini luggage tote, and the Hermés Collier De Chien bracelet! Such a stud, that Jay. (not name-dropping or anything.... but to think he actually used to follow me on Twitter! haha *sigh*)
9. source: love aesthetics. The minimalist propagandist herself shows that sweatpants (Could've sworn I heard someone gasp!) can be fashionable!
10. source: neonblush. Print stacking in its most practical form! 


  1. heey nice blog :) would you like to follow each other? :)

  2. Love the gloves! The boy his outfit is really nice!

    Christophe & Nino (Men Trend)

  3. Great inspiration pictures... i love those glitter shoes :)
    I'm your new follower


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