Tuesday, March 13

Battle of the Chaussures: Isabel Marant vs. Supra!!

Yes girls, it has finally come to this! I know most of us have seen these Isabel Marant "Bekket" hi-top sneakers pop up everywhere from the streets, to the feet of bloggers [Chiara Ferragni] and celebrities [Beyoncé's Love on Top Video?] alike. I for one, have continued to ask myself the same question: "are they really worth it?" After all, its really close alternative (Hi, Supra!) has a lot to offer as well!

Let the Battle Begin!

With its hidden wedge and versatility, the Isabel Marants raise the bar very high. It appeals more to those fashionistas everywhere that will "never wear flats/sneakers" but want to feel laid back. Bekket wins!

Think about it, the Bekkets have a 'hidden' wedge: that means its still there, and your foot is still strained! The supras are completely flat and will take you for 3 weeks of straight standing/walking - no complaints. {I can't guarantee that, so don't experiment! haha} Supras win!

Isabel Marant - $725
Supras - $80-150
Supras win!

bragging rights
Apparently I was the last one to find out that this was an actual criterion! I think both these shoes are pretty cool! I guess if you're a fancypants, bragging about having THE Isabel Marant Sneakers works for you? Bekket wins! haha 

I think it all depends on your pocket range. If you can afford to get the Bekkets, go right ahead. Everyone else, the Supras work just fine as alternatives! 


  1. this is a great post! OH if only those Isabel Marants were a little more affordable! I'd rather buy a purse with that kind of money :)


  2. I love both! I wish the Isabel Marant weren't that expensive :/

  3. River island have a very similar style for £40 which is definitely a little easier on the bank balance! Xx

  4. I wouldnt spend that kind of money on a pair of sneakers..why?because the other ones are cheaper and nicer.Save that kinda money for Louboutins mehn'.In reality, I cant even afford it (not yet anyway ;))
    great post.x

  5. Not sure if i like them!! maybe ill get used to...

  6. Nice post, I'm dying for some hi top trainers, what do you make of tge nike ones?

  7. Ha ha ha, i sure know where we stand with all the TURENCI! SMART GIRL! Am thinking of making you a buyer for my high end teenage store.....interested?

  8. Ils sont beaux. Mais j'aime Isabel Marant Sneakers plus.

  9. I really want to get a pair of Isabel Marant sneakers. What do you think of these Isabel Marant sneakers at http://www.isabelmarantsneakersoutlet.co.uk/?

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  11. i like those sneakers. they make me look much taller.


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