Thursday, February 23

what's in my everyday bag?

this counts as my notebook, my novels, my magazines and my laptop.. considering getting one for school? you should.

I never leave the house without one in these times.

hand lotion
because my hands can never be moisturized enough.

onion breath? pack three more! lol.

my personal butler/assistant.

mini-makeup kit
mirror, translucent powder, kabuki brush and lipgloss. I really recommend MAC Prep + Prime - its like the god of loose powders.

to be worn when appropriate. i.e. as a disguise or sunshield or to simply add character to any outfit.

wallet + keys
 first thing you should check your purse for before you leave the house! I've had to learn this the hard way.

this always manages to find its way into my bag everyday.. #EngineeringGirlProblems


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