Saturday, February 25

Favorite Blogger of the Now..

Chiara Ferragni: The Blonde Salad

Chiarra Ferragni. Don't know the name? You definitely should! Beautiful, amazing sense of style, ambitious and street smart - some of her many endearing characteristics. After receiving the  NewComer of the Year award from Bloglovin' last year and her most recent Bloglovin' award as Blog Business of the Year, Chiarra has proven that she has unlimited drive. She is passionate about and dedicated to what she does. I spend HOURS scrolling the endless pages of her blog and never get bored.. Her outfits are very well put together and she has a keen eye for trendy pieces that characterize her personal style. With over 30 blogposts each month, you will never miss a day in Chiarra's exciting life! I discovered her blog a few months ago, and have been hooked ever since! There's nothing not to love about her! 


  1. she has a very wonderful style

  2. I love Chiara too! she tends to have one or two statement pieces that just complete the outfit and make it look incredible. it's amazing how she's got her own shoe line too!

  3. yeah i have to agree with you!she has style and she is amazing because she has accomplished a lot at a young age.great post!x

  4. Those red shoes.....AMAZING!


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