Tuesday, January 24

those rainy days..

beanie - H&M
striped top - new look
pants - H&M
brogues - Aldo

You'd think we were in the middle of fall with the fallen leaves, the still-green grass and the rain in this scenery! I had to deliver a presentation for my class today. I decided to wear this to suit the dress code: "semi-formal". Not too formal and not too casual.. right? I like how the beanie rendered all effort of the brogues and blazer at being professional, useless. And that scarf? Mockery. I love it! 


  1. I love this outfit! I would actually wear this!

  2. Is that the McQueen skull scarf?
    Love your outfit btw. And the beanie. Awesome.

  3. your scarf it s a must have
    i love it

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  4. Really adorable blog! You are too cute :)

  5. I love this outfit! Definitely something I would wear. Actually it's quite similar to what I wore today hahaa :)



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