Tuesday, January 31

This Just In: Back OFF!!

Back Off - Jeffrey Campbell

Hey there!! Missed me a little? 
I just got these in the mail yesterday and I'm so excited to show you guys! They're my first pair of Jeffrey Campbells and I love them so much! If you were getting JC's by default you would get Lita's right? But I just thought [personally] that these were a bit more wearable. Yes, I see the gaga-esque metal panel, wedge, and high top and I still stand by my opinion! haha. And the box is just the cutest thing!


  1. nice! love them

    got the Lita's and can hardly wear them around. would have definitely got these ones if i took more time to make decisions lool


  2. lovely and i guess the style's in the genes. Rock on!

  3. I got the litas and they were perfect tho :p but everybody has thier thing so its cool. ive leggit been looking into getting wedges and these look sick!! :)

  4. Wow they're really pretty! Love them :)

  5. HIIIII ive been looking EVERYWHERE for themmmm. theyre sold out on solestruckkkk know anywhere else i can get em??

    they look great >: )

  6. Hey! I know I just checked everywhere I know for you.. I can't find them either.. Keep checking solestruck, as well as Singer22 and NastyGal... They're bound to restock them soon! Good Luck and thanks for visiting my blog! x


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