Wednesday, November 7

the color purple..

headband - f21
sweater - Goodwill
belt - American Apparel
riding pants - American Apparel
boots - Dr. Marten

I hope you will all excuse my absence.. Last month was one of my most hectic ever. I was so busy with schoolwork and other stuff, and I'm sorry to have neglected the blog. I appreciate my avid followers and I thank you all for your continued readership!

Here's just an outfit post for you guys showing off my recent purchase from Goodwill! It makes me feel like I walked off the set of Saved By the Bell and I have to hurry back for my scene with Mario Lopez haha. I've been embracing the 90's trend a lot lately and I'm trying too hard to avoid binge-thrifting. I love how versatile this sweater is though: it could be worn as a dress, left unbelted for a more grunge look, used as a blanket? lol. How would YOU wear this? I'd love to know! 

Have a lovely week! 

Saturday, October 13

New York Photodiary..

Hey everyone! I hope you're all well... Here are just some photos from my trip last weekend! 

1, 2, 3) Grand Central Station in all its glory. It was my first time in there too. En route to White Plains, NY. 
4) Arriving at my friend's school - Manhattanville College. The campus is so medieval and pretty - it even has a castle! 
5, 6, 7) Who goes to Buffalo Wild Wings and orders everything BUT wings? smh... I really don't like chicken that much. 
8) $2.25, the bus fare. I'd never even seen a dollar coin before then! 
9) My best friend and I on the train to the city.
12) The best Thai food I've had in a while - China Moon on 47th St!

Monday, October 8

Bryant Park x Printed Pants

sunglasses - RayBans
necklace - Express
jacket - American Eagle
top - Delia
pants - H&M
bag - Urban Expressions

     It was a beautiful day in Manhattan...
This weekend I decided to take a trip down to the city to visit my friend. It was my chance to get a break from the stress of school and unwind for the weekend. We took all these pictures walking around the city and absorbing its high energy! I don't know what it is that really inspires me about Manhattan, but I just love to be here. This outfit really represents everything I've been living in lately: harem pants, high buns and oversized clothing!

Look out for the photodiary from my trip I'll be posting soon! 

Sunday, September 23

I found NIRVANA!!

blazer - F21
chain necklace - Express
nirvana tshirt - Target (mens)
belt - American Apparel
shorts - American Apparel
socks - Asos
shoes - Converse
lipstick - Rebel:MAC

Boy, have I missed blogging? I'm really glad I was able to take these pictures while the weather was still nice today. I got a chance to live by a lesson I have learned recently - to trust my first instincts and believe in my first ideas. I have a terrible penchant for 'watering down' my outfit ideas. It starts from taking out a few accessories, pieces of jewelry, colors and soon enough I'd be looking like the plainest jane. Inspired by Anna Dello Russo's MoreisMore campaign, while I pondered whether or not this would be an 'ideal' getup for class - I decided to shut my brain up and leave the house before I took anything off. I didn't care whether anyone thought I was a character from the Grease movie, I was happy and I was taking my fashion shower (lol)! 

"If at first, the idea is not absurd, then there is no hope for it."  ~Albert Einstein

p.s. I'd like to sincerely apologize to my readers for the long break I took from blogging. I really just needed to take a step back to find myself and my personal style again. We all go through rough times in our lives - we face discouragement, criticism and negativity but we just have to pull ourselves through it all. We have to learn to do the things we love just because! 

Wednesday, July 25

the perfect outfit for the perfect day...

I'd rather be wearing...

rag & bone long sweater / Free People cut off jean shorts / Alexander Wang flat leather shoes, $295 / Proenza Schouler leather shoulder handbag / CC SKYE jewelry, $93 / CC SKYE jewelry, $93 / Karen Walker black round sunglasses / Christian Dior perfume

This is my definition of an outfit for the perfect day! With this outfit you know its chilly enough for a sweater (and I LOVE sweaters) and hot enough for short shorts and sandals. Its also versatile enough to wear to school, shopping, on a night out, to lunch, an so much more. Talk about killing birds with one stone! The price-tags on some of these items is what categorizes this outfit as simply 'inspiration' for me.. Inspiration for me to keep praying for the perfect day and keep hunting for the fraternal twin of those beautiful Alexander Wang sandals! Just sharing another one of my idealist fantasies with you.. 
See you in my next post! 

Sunday, July 22

let the doves fly...

dress - H&M
belt - LoveMoschino
shoes - Steve Madden 'Westii' Wedges

Guess who's back?! I hope everyone's enjoying the summer! I'm finally feeling motivated to blog so I thought I'd start by putting up these old pictures and start collecting fresh inspiration around the blogosphere. Time to grab a cup of milo, a blanket and catch up on all the blogs on my blogroll/readinglist! See you in my next post! 

P.s. forgive the weird things my hair is doing in these pictures! :-)

Monday, June 25

snake-print pants: from night to day!

 Hat - H&M, Shirt - f21, Belt - Mango, Pants - H&M (similar affordable here, pricey here) , Shoes - f21

Shirt - Topshop, Everything else - same as above. 

I know its vacation season, and many of you are packing up and going somewhere exotic for the time being. The problem we all face during vacations is having a limited wardrobe. Nobody wants to break bank trying to buy new clothes because they realize the ones they brought are "boring", "just not summer enough", or simply "not enough"! This post is just showing that you can change the entire purpose of a pair of snake-print pants like these just by changing the top, the accessories, the color palette, the shades of makeup and the hairstyle. Its essentially the same outfit but you can tell which look is for day and which is for night! ;-) 
I hope this post is also helpful to someone out there who just bought a pair of printed pants and doesn't know what to do with them!

Sunday, June 17


Yeah, its that time of the year again.. The resort collections are rolling in. We all have a dozen tabs of open scouring the collections our favorite fashion houses have to offer. This is one of my favorites: the Moschino 2013 resort. 

[ source: ]

Before I saw this collection, I considered Moschino a "vintage" brand. To me, they were the fashion house that created timeless pieces way-back-when which we can still wear today. The designs in this collection are so trendy, wearable and current - my opinions have definitely changed. The collection has got chambray, floral, pastel and neon elements: it doesn't get more Spring/Summer 2013 than this. MOSCHINO have a solid foothold in this era and they are not going anywhere!
Sorry Betsey, guess it's just you then. :)

Have a lovely week!
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