Monday, October 24

woo me in my sleep..

hat - H&M
necklace - f21
snake ring - asos
spike ring - f21
shirt - H&M
jumper/sweater - H&M
trench - London Fog
jeans - f21
socks - miscellaneous
1460 Purple Shimmer Dr. Martens

[lipstick - Ruby Woo (M.A.C)]

As you all can tell, transition weather is coming to an end. Rochester will be unexpectedly hit by full blown winter, and all the fun will end. Oh joy! And you know what? That can't even spoil my mood: I'm surprisingly ecstatic today! Bet you could already tell since I'm wearing Ruby Woo.. Even after waking up at 5am this morning to register for Winter classes, rain and classes til 8pm! smh.. The secret to my happiness? - learning to take things one step at a time and not worrying too much. If I keep this up, I will never have a bad sad dull moment in my life again! Speaking of no dull moments, Halloween is just around the corner! (do not compare mine to a witch's hat :-p) I have no idea what to go as.. What are some of you guys' ideas? I'm curious!

Friday, October 14

first and forever..

Dr. Martens - 1460 - Purple Shimmer

I got these babies in the mail yesterday and I don't think there are sufficient words to describe the way I felt! I actually had my countdown to their arrival and I couldn't wait to rush home after classes yesterday and pick them up! My first pair of docs - yes, it really is that deep! I woke up this morning happy it was a rainy day so I could 'launch' them! They're perfect for grey weather and I think they'd serve their purpose in the snow as well! They're nice shiny and more purple in person, they look sort of black here. I took these pictures in an excited spur of the moment under the bad tungsten lighting in my room so excuse the quality.. I would have snapped up the outfit I wore but it was raining cats, dogs and lizards all day. x_x 

Thursday, October 13

if gypsies were fairies...

tank top - H&M
belt - ASOS
maxi skirt - ZARA
necklace - f21

ft. Gold/Brown Arm Party

Does anyone else laugh as hard as I do? No? Okay.. lol. Today was a wonderful day in Rochester. 70 something degree weather, just the right amount of sunshine and breeze - I couldn't have asked for more. It made me realize how much I loved this tank top: the airiness, the lace detailing around the neckline and back. I also love the peplum effect the belt creates for it and I hope you guys do too. I am currently being weighed down by the project I have due Wednesday that still needs work. (I should probably get back to it now.) Besides this, things in my life are getting better. I have a surprise for you lovely readers soon and I will only give one clue: "firstandforever". Can you guess what it might be? 

Have a great week! 

Wednesday, October 5

one of the boys...

blazer - Charlotte Russe 
tshirt - f21
acid wash jeans - f21
flats - Dorothy Perkins

Hi everyone! I hope you're all well.. It's been a while since I've blogged and I do miss it dearly. I've just finished my midterm exams (already! right?) and I should have more breathing space soon. This was my outfit today - Its supposed to be my take on androgyny! Like? I'm trying to hold on to every last bit of summer so dearly. Sadly enough, it dropped about 1000 degrees this evening alone! lol, no I'm kidding. On the upside, its about to be snuggle weather! Hello oversize knits, large mugs of hot chocolate and the exciting things about late fall and winter. Hope you're all making the best out of your days!

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