Wednesday, August 24

fantasy living..

tshirt - F21
belt - F21
maxi skirt - Zara
flats - Topshop

ft. religious bracelets - ALDO [mens]

Took these in the beautiful evening light outside the amc after we had just seen the new movie "The Help".. Inspiring stuff, I tell you. <#Preaching: Be grateful for all you have and all you experience. Build your opinions and values so that your point of view on life someday would be worth something. Live like you're already writing your autobiography. yadiyadayada> Now that I'm done, I will get back to my Chinese takeout and catching up on Pretty Little Liars.. Generally living out the last few weeks (*gloat*) I have of holiday and not caring [now] about the few extra pounds that will inevitably follow! lol Hope you're all enjoying your week! 

Saturday, August 20

broken reasons..

necklace - F21
spike earrings - Freedom for Topshop
romper - H&M
denim shirt - H&M
skinny belt - ASOS
square ring - H&M
wrapped leaf ring - Freedom for Topshop

ft. Sally Hansen "Mint Sorbet" nails

Heat, inspiring laziness everywhere.. 
I wonder how I survived wearing this huge shirt in 109 degree weather; improvising a way to pack my hair up around midday definitely helped! I know I had checked the forecast even before I decided on denim and print today, but I would not be swayed by three silly digits and a degree symbol! lol.. This became less amusing later in the day, as you can imagine. With my two toned accessorizing, mint nails and "Hug Me by M.A.C" on my lips - the Reason Ship had already set sail. Spent most of the day shopping... Outdoors! (*throws pity party* lol) Beautiful start to a beautiful weekend... 

Sunday, August 14

Nails of the Moment: O.P.I "Shorts Story"

overall quality: *****
lasting wear: ****o
color: *****
+ its not tested on animals; its DBP, formaldehyde and toluene free which means its GREEN

Hi there! Say hello to my nails of the moment! (what an introduction, lol) As you can see, I'm trying to get the most out of bright colors like this before the Fall is finally here (yay!).. I'm absolutely loving this color right now; so much so that I doubt a little Fall (or even Winter [cue gasp]) would get in my way of wearing it! Shorts Story by O.P.I is an excellent shade, clearly can suit most skin tones and will give excellent quality and lasting wear well worth the price! 

This is not a sponsored ad, and in no way did I receive payment or compensation for this "review". It's my honest opinion! :-)   

Wednesday, August 10

london photodiary...

1. Our quiet street..  
2. the Oyster card - the key to all my experiences there.. 
3. The Shaftesbury Memorial and the statue of Anteros in the Piccadilly circus! 
4. The hustle and bustle of the Piccadilly Circus.
5. I'm sure this is significant as well.. I would have read the sign if we weren't in such a rush to hit the shops.. smh
6. The London Trocadero.
7. The first Phantom I ever saw.. Parked right outside The Ritz - duhh.. 
8. My brother took this one actually.. Hey, good to know, right?
9. Green Park - right across from the Buckingham Palace..
10. Starbucks break! 
11. THE Buckingham Palace, shot walking out of Green Park.. 
12. Crowded "tubes".. 
13. The Canada Gate.. 
14. Guy with a Lion, one of the statues of the Victoria Memorial. 
15. Yours truly at the foot of the great monument - the Victoria Memorial.. 
16. This picture gave me freshy status! haha.. Random photo of the London Underground ticket machines.. 
17. Another random Underground snap.. We were in transit on the Northern line.
18. Kings Cross St. Pancras station.. 
19. The Topshop on Oxford Street in all its glory! *angels singing* 

Sunday, August 7

colorful roundabouts..

from head to toe:

top - Primark Oxford St.
capris - Primark Oxford St.
ballet flats - Dune
ft. My lucky Turkish evil-eye bracelets..

We were just taking a random walk in a park in Borough, when I decided to make my little brother snap up these pictures of me. There's not much else to it. haha.. 

Friday, August 5

print schedule..

from head to toe:

random pashmina 
print top - H&M
print hareem pants - H&M
studded cuff - F21
purse - New Look
shoes - topshop

Only a city as pretty as London.. 

Aside from the unpredictable weather and ridiculous strength of the Pound, not much at all is stopping me from falling in deep love with this city.. The appeal of the age, the stories in the stone - its all very splendid! This outfit was what I wore when my [rather large extended] family and I went out see the Buckingham Palace and a few other sights in the city! It took so much to psychologically persuade myself to wear so much print out of the house! haha, I really HAD to document this for all the daring! 
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