Saturday, July 30

sorry for the wait...

Dear Readers,
I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the lack of posts this week.. I'm on holiday and haven't really gotten my hands on a stable Internet connection. I promise to get back to regular posting as soon as I leave England and am back to America. I have loads of outfit posts and a haul for you! I might even throw in a photodiary just 'cause!

Hope you're all well!
Xx Jackie.

Friday, July 15

Inspiration: July..

1. sourced from Tumblr: The nationalist harmony that the makeup and dressing in this picture seem to preach.. 

2. Rumi Neely from I love the very Parisian vibe here..

3. sourced from Tumblr: Pink, Gold, Black + White, coming together in seamless harmony is rather intriguing!

4. sourced from Tumblr: Her plum lips being the only taint on her portrayed perfection..

5. sourced from Tumblr: Haute maternity Couture - need I say more?

6. sourced from Tumblr: The effrontery that one must summon to put spikes along the sides of denim.. Inspired? 

7. sourced from Tumblr: These ALDO 'Forewood' ankara wedges would surely make ANY outfit pop..

8. sourced from Google: Rocker/grunge in its unnatural habitat depicted in this Chanel spread.. 

9. from the ZARA summer lookbook: The disconnected collar on this romper is just the  touch it needed.. And cat print? wow.. 

10. from the ZARA summer lookbook: Denim + any kind of print = Winning.. 

11. sourced from Tumblr: If I had any say, this would be called "print blocking".. 

Usually, I store every picture I stumble across on the internet that seems to speak to me in one way or another in a very frequently-visited picture folder on my computer called "<insert name of month> Inspiration". I don't know when/why I started doing this exactly, but it just became a habit. I just thought I'd share it with you this time around. Just tell me if you guys would like me to do this every month - I'd like to know! Are you inspired?? 

Thursday, July 7

DIY: Fringe Tank Top

what you'll need:
  • tank top
  • scissors/fabric scissors
the original tanktop

after wearing the top and determining how cropped you want it, cut along the bottom.

I personally wanted the back to be longer than the front, but if you want them the same length you can do that as well.  

cut the fringes as long and as wide you would like them. The wider the fringes, the fewer they are. Its all about personal preference here.

after you've cut up all the fringes, you want to pull them firmly and knot them. Remember to hold the top of the fringe while you do this to avoid pulling it off!  

le finished product.
This is basically all you need to make a fringe tanktop. You can fringe all sorts of things as well, all preferably of cotton material though.. I'd like to see pictures if you guys replicate this so don't hesitate to post a link to it in the comments below!  

Sunday, July 3

don't chain the wild..

from head to toe:

McQueen-esque skull scarf - flea market
owl necklace - F21
denim shirt - H&M 
maxi dress - H&M 
sandals - Valencia
ft. standard arm party

I've really been enjoying the weather here in Abuja, lately... The clouds, the rain - its all very serene. Once again this color (and thus, the earrings) is featured in my outfit. This time less subtly, as cheetah print! I still can't remember what I was laughing so hard about in the last frame, it must have been really funny as my eyes are almost shut! lol.. I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend, wherever you are!
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