Friday, May 27

Inspiration: Alexa Chung

    Hello Everyone! I really want to apologize to all of you for not  posting in such a long time! I had my Final Exams last week, and right after that, I left school to begin my stressful journey home for the summer vacation. Yes, it was a two day flight all the way back to Nigeria. Okay, maybe the flight wasn't exactly two days, but I did take two days to get here... But the time difference confuses me anyways, so I'm not even really sure. Ranting, I know.. 

   So, as some of you who follow my twitter and tumblr would know, I love Alexa Chung. I have decided then that this post would be a tribute to her. She's a beautiful woman with impeccable style. She's a model, TV personality and a current contributing editor at British VOGUE. I strive to be just like her! :)

 [source: Google]

Who are your celebrity muses? 

Friday, May 13

Mega Haul...

So here are a few items I have recently purchased... This is a 'collective' haul - over the span of the past 3 weeks or so.. So know that I didn't just go out on a rampage and buy all these things at once: that would be crazy! These are things that I have had on my wishlist for a while, contemplated and debated and finally decided to buy. I tend to do that (a lot), just because I'm very picky on what I spend [my own] money on. So here's everything I bought: 

1. Sigma F50 Duo Fiber (Stippling Brush) & Sigma E35 (Tapered Blending Brush)
2. ASOS Double-Cross ring (which I have coveted for ages!)
3. "G" Harajuku Lovers fragrance (eau de toilette)
4. Forever 21 tops
5. Lash glue
6. M.A.C Prep + Prime translucent powder
7. M.A.C Studio Fix Fluid (NW50)... (yes, I finally made a decision)
8. ICING Blush 
9. Mint Sorbet Sally Hansen Nail Polish
10. Fashion Lashes Eyelashes
11.  Maybelline Line Stiletto liquid eyeliner
12. ICING Bronzer
13. D.I.Y Daisy Dukes (shorts)
14. Vintage High-waisted denim cut-offs (shorts)

Saturday, May 7

I Beg to Differ...

Head band - Icing
Jumper top - Forever 21
Cut-off shorts - Vintage Calvin Klein
Ring - Asos
Belt - H&M
Sneakers - Converse All Star

Yay! My first Outfit Of The Day (OOTD) post of hopefully, many more. Today was IMAGINErit here at my school. Basically a lot of people, clubs and organizations put on exhibitions and displays and students and guests walk around the campus viewing them. I woke up this morning feeling so much better, and the fact that it was so sunny added to my good mood. Could I have asked for more? I decided to take advantage of such good fortune and be creative with my outfit! 

Wednesday, May 4

dreary Rochester...

I thought I could escape all the set backs of the dreary weather we are experiencing here in Rochester, but alas, I have fallen ill. :( I also feel bad about the fact that all the magazines and blogs I read are raving about trends for Spring that I am still yet to experiment with in MAY because it's still cold here! 

At least it does get warm now sometimes but the rain is what's killing me. I'm stuck wearing my black tweed rain boots a lot of the  time when there are lovely flats and sandals to be worn! At least I get to go back home (to Nigeria) in a few weeks. There its ALWAYS summer and I can have as much fun as I want to, oh joy! 

Oh well, I hope to get back to active blogging once I'm well and I promise my lovely readers a collective haul. I have just recently purchased a few things that I'd love to show you, once they all arrive in the mail that is! 

Hope you all are well and enjoying your weather wherever you are! 

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