Wednesday, November 2

strokes of watermelon..

knit - Topshop
shirt - f21
jeans - True Religion
motor boots - Dolce Vita

Feeling ever so casual on this beautiful fall day.. Oversize knits are definitely my best-friend this season and this one in particular is one of my favorites! Despite its obnoxious color, I still always find loads of new pairings for it. I got these boots last year and I'm still very much in love with them. It's one of those staples I know will always remain in my wardrobe and can be recycled year after year. Seriously, I don't think [motor] ankle boots are going anywhere any decade soon!  


  1. Loving the boots girl! And I need that sweater, its a great color!

  2. i'm Totally LOVING The sweater and Shirt !! :) xx


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