Monday, November 28

soho in a day..

The cutest M.A.C store I ever saw | DASH soliciting for ROB votes | Two floors of Longchamp | Pretty Jewelry on the Streets - Hamsa bracelets and such | Couldn't help myself, I just HAD to get some | Me going camera happy outside theory | *sigh* the stores that lined Prince Street | How cute is that little pink store? | Ahh, le Starbucks | Me derping outside Pret a Manger. 

Finally got round to putting these pictures up.  I had so much fun in ny, but it's back to school for me now.. In other words, excuse my recent lack of posts. I also wanted to do a recent finds post, but I wasn't sure if you guys would prefer it as a video or just pictures - let me know! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday holiday.. What did you get? I'd like to know!


  1. pictures of your purchases would be nice! So jealousss, I miss new york!!



  2. Ive never been to New York but now I wish even more that I could go :) I would love to see what you bought during this little trip :) I immediately spotted the owl earrings among the other earrings in the picture of the hamsa bracelets etc :) Yup Im an owl freak ;)
    Since we don´t celebrate Thanksgiving/Black Friday/Cyber Monday here in Finland I can unfortunately not show you (or tell you) what Ive bought :) Would be nice to see what youve bought though :)

  3. New York looks absolutely amazing! Hope you had fun :D

  4. godd i love the cityy .. i can't wait 2 go on vacation to go SHOPPING// love the bracelets
    ( thank 4 the comment btw :)with love jade


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