Friday, November 18

DIY: Studs..

For some reason, I've been very stud-happy lately.. I had this strong urge to stud everything I own! So I just went ahead and ordered these lovely nailheads from eBay. They're very cheap and they refurbish any old piece of clothing.. Watch!

what you'll need

  • Nail heads [Studs]
  • Knife
  • Any piece of clothing you want!

Studding anything is pretty simple..

You push the studs through the fabric and bend the claws down onto the fabric with a knife.

And with a denim vest...

Go crazy with studs! I mean, you can never really go wrong. Use as many as you want, however you want, and on any piece of clothing you want! Stud your socks if you want to.. Just be careful about the claws behind  the stud, they do get fiesty! lol. I'd like to see what you guys try out!


  1. this is sooo creative. brilliant!
    would be great if u posted the link to where you got them from :))

  2. Thanks Eve!

    You can get them here:


  3. Love this idea, it looks so easy too! XO

  4. I love this a lot :) I have a top that has had some beads on it.. they were just glued on so now I think I will buy some studs and put them there instead :D
    I think that would look really good :)
    I love the way your clothes turned out.. a great way to put your personality in your clothes :)

  5. this is sooo creative jacqui,i love every part of your blog..


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