Monday, November 28

soho in a day..

The cutest M.A.C store I ever saw | DASH soliciting for ROB votes | Two floors of Longchamp | Pretty Jewelry on the Streets - Hamsa bracelets and such | Couldn't help myself, I just HAD to get some | Me going camera happy outside theory | *sigh* the stores that lined Prince Street | How cute is that little pink store? | Ahh, le Starbucks | Me derping outside Pret a Manger. 

Finally got round to putting these pictures up.  I had so much fun in ny, but it's back to school for me now.. In other words, excuse my recent lack of posts. I also wanted to do a recent finds post, but I wasn't sure if you guys would prefer it as a video or just pictures - let me know! I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving / Black Friday / Cyber Monday holiday.. What did you get? I'd like to know!

Sunday, November 20

these stripes in my eyes...

striped top - new look
pants - H&M
shoes - f21

on my lips - MAC 'Lovelorn'

I came down to the city for Thanksgiving break and I've fallen in love with it [again]. The skyline, the bright lights and the pollution - lol - every part of it.. For the first time ever, we left the numbered streets and ventured into Soho. I might even make a photodiary out of my whole experience there! These photos were taken in front of the Kardashian's DASH store (which I wouldn't say was anything to write home about..) I wished greatness on myself as I walked in and out of theory, rag and bone, vivienne tam and chanel.. I did however purchase a very fine vintage piece from Cheap Jack's that I cannot wait to show you guys in a 'recent finds' post!

Friday, November 18

DIY: Studs..

For some reason, I've been very stud-happy lately.. I had this strong urge to stud everything I own! So I just went ahead and ordered these lovely nailheads from eBay. They're very cheap and they refurbish any old piece of clothing.. Watch!

what you'll need

  • Nail heads [Studs]
  • Knife
  • Any piece of clothing you want!

Studding anything is pretty simple..

You push the studs through the fabric and bend the claws down onto the fabric with a knife.

And with a denim vest...

Go crazy with studs! I mean, you can never really go wrong. Use as many as you want, however you want, and on any piece of clothing you want! Stud your socks if you want to.. Just be careful about the claws behind  the stud, they do get fiesty! lol. I'd like to see what you guys try out!

Friday, November 4

Fall/Winter Ideal Wardrobe

Fall Fantasy

Can you tell I'm obsessed? This is my ideal wardrobe for the fall /winter! With a nice strong jacket for when the snow storms roll in, of course.. Mix and match them if you like - they'd make a bangin' outfit every time!

Wednesday, November 2

strokes of watermelon..

knit - Topshop
shirt - f21
jeans - True Religion
motor boots - Dolce Vita

Feeling ever so casual on this beautiful fall day.. Oversize knits are definitely my best-friend this season and this one in particular is one of my favorites! Despite its obnoxious color, I still always find loads of new pairings for it. I got these boots last year and I'm still very much in love with them. It's one of those staples I know will always remain in my wardrobe and can be recycled year after year. Seriously, I don't think [motor] ankle boots are going anywhere any decade soon!  
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