Monday, October 24

woo me in my sleep..

hat - H&M
necklace - f21
snake ring - asos
spike ring - f21
shirt - H&M
jumper/sweater - H&M
trench - London Fog
jeans - f21
socks - miscellaneous
1460 Purple Shimmer Dr. Martens

[lipstick - Ruby Woo (M.A.C)]

As you all can tell, transition weather is coming to an end. Rochester will be unexpectedly hit by full blown winter, and all the fun will end. Oh joy! And you know what? That can't even spoil my mood: I'm surprisingly ecstatic today! Bet you could already tell since I'm wearing Ruby Woo.. Even after waking up at 5am this morning to register for Winter classes, rain and classes til 8pm! smh.. The secret to my happiness? - learning to take things one step at a time and not worrying too much. If I keep this up, I will never have a bad sad dull moment in my life again! Speaking of no dull moments, Halloween is just around the corner! (do not compare mine to a witch's hat :-p) I have no idea what to go as.. What are some of you guys' ideas? I'm curious!


  1. i dont know what to wear for halloween either. but i thinking sexy construction worker yh with the orange vest thingie and nothing under

  2. Love!
    Oh and you could try dressing as one of the looks from Madonna's "Papa don't preach" video.
    I was going to go as that, but I'm not dressing up.

  3. just trying to tie you to somebody i had a crush on when i was your age..he has since faded n he was a baaaaaaad boy.George was he? You are smashing!

  4. One of my favourite blogging outfits this month :) absoluately love the dms with it :)

    I take it you are from the USA? Is Halloween really as celebrated as it seems in films/tv programmes ( such a cheesy question pahaha)


  5. Lol! I'm in the US, yes! Its not a cheesy question at all!
    Halloween is just as big a deal as they make it seem on tv!
    Almost everyone was in costume for halloween here! Fun, but creepy if you ask me haha! :O)

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  6. you're sooo cool Jacquii!

  7. you’re sooo gorgeous! so is the outfit ;)
    follow for follow?



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