Friday, October 14

first and forever..

Dr. Martens - 1460 - Purple Shimmer

I got these babies in the mail yesterday and I don't think there are sufficient words to describe the way I felt! I actually had my countdown to their arrival and I couldn't wait to rush home after classes yesterday and pick them up! My first pair of docs - yes, it really is that deep! I woke up this morning happy it was a rainy day so I could 'launch' them! They're perfect for grey weather and I think they'd serve their purpose in the snow as well! They're nice shiny and more purple in person, they look sort of black here. I took these pictures in an excited spur of the moment under the bad tungsten lighting in my room so excuse the quality.. I would have snapped up the outfit I wore but it was raining cats, dogs and lizards all day. x_x 


  1. i love docs! mine are in the post too.. i can totally relate to your excitement!

    check out my blog if u can :)

  2. the color is so coool :)


  3. Nice shoes...never have the courage to wear them though, its such a fashion statement and I would say I am not much of a fashionista, wish I was though.

  4. *speechless* those are soo beautiful and their purple too( my fave colour! :)) , i've been having a recent craving for doc martens(nothing beats the original combat shoes), im waiting patiently till black friday to get some. btw nice blog


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