Thursday, September 8

August Favorites...

I'm basically writing this post to brag about how well each of these products served me this past month.. No, not really. lol, just stating the products that did their very best. There are also a few looks I threw in because I loved to wear them! Oh, and my most visited blogs too! Enjoy!

Lancome teint miracle foundation
M.A.C studio sculpt concealer
M.A.C 'Hug Me' lipstick
Sleek 'storm' palette
the magical elf powder brush
RIMMEL lash accelerator serum
the ICING kabuki brush
winged eyeliner
the nude face

Clean & Clear GO-CLEAN body-wash
collared shirts
sheer fabric
leopard print
Viva La Juicy perfume
bright pink nails
maxi skirts
the color white
arm + finger parties
collar jewellry

fashion toast
the man repeller
the glamourai

I'm really sorry about the lack of posts recently.. I resumed school this week so I've been in the middle of moving, decorating the new house, tackling homework and remembering to breathe. Might do a room-tour post soon, are we excited? Its also been really hard to do anything at all on my laptop since there's been a ridiculous typing delay - which just might have been caused by a virus. Besides all this I think I'm doing okay... I should get back to regular posting as soon as I'm settled and everything is back to what I consider normal.. Til next time!

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