Saturday, August 20

broken reasons..

necklace - F21
spike earrings - Freedom for Topshop
romper - H&M
denim shirt - H&M
skinny belt - ASOS
square ring - H&M
wrapped leaf ring - Freedom for Topshop

ft. Sally Hansen "Mint Sorbet" nails

Heat, inspiring laziness everywhere.. 
I wonder how I survived wearing this huge shirt in 109 degree weather; improvising a way to pack my hair up around midday definitely helped! I know I had checked the forecast even before I decided on denim and print today, but I would not be swayed by three silly digits and a degree symbol! lol.. This became less amusing later in the day, as you can imagine. With my two toned accessorizing, mint nails and "Hug Me by M.A.C" on my lips - the Reason Ship had already set sail. Spent most of the day shopping... Outdoors! (*throws pity party* lol) Beautiful start to a beautiful weekend... 


  1. The denim shirt looks awesome on you....great outfit!!!

  2. A gorgeous romper! You have a new follower :)

  3. thanks so much!
    I appreciate it.. :-D

  4. Aww I love this outfit, so cute :) xo


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