Wednesday, August 10

london photodiary...

1. Our quiet street..  
2. the Oyster card - the key to all my experiences there.. 
3. The Shaftesbury Memorial and the statue of Anteros in the Piccadilly circus! 
4. The hustle and bustle of the Piccadilly Circus.
5. I'm sure this is significant as well.. I would have read the sign if we weren't in such a rush to hit the shops.. smh
6. The London Trocadero.
7. The first Phantom I ever saw.. Parked right outside The Ritz - duhh.. 
8. My brother took this one actually.. Hey, good to know, right?
9. Green Park - right across from the Buckingham Palace..
10. Starbucks break! 
11. THE Buckingham Palace, shot walking out of Green Park.. 
12. Crowded "tubes".. 
13. The Canada Gate.. 
14. Guy with a Lion, one of the statues of the Victoria Memorial. 
15. Yours truly at the foot of the great monument - the Victoria Memorial.. 
16. This picture gave me freshy status! haha.. Random photo of the London Underground ticket machines.. 
17. Another random Underground snap.. We were in transit on the Northern line.
18. Kings Cross St. Pancras station.. 
19. The Topshop on Oxford Street in all its glory! *angels singing* 

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