Friday, July 15

Inspiration: July..

1. sourced from Tumblr: The nationalist harmony that the makeup and dressing in this picture seem to preach.. 

2. Rumi Neely from I love the very Parisian vibe here..

3. sourced from Tumblr: Pink, Gold, Black + White, coming together in seamless harmony is rather intriguing!

4. sourced from Tumblr: Her plum lips being the only taint on her portrayed perfection..

5. sourced from Tumblr: Haute maternity Couture - need I say more?

6. sourced from Tumblr: The effrontery that one must summon to put spikes along the sides of denim.. Inspired? 

7. sourced from Tumblr: These ALDO 'Forewood' ankara wedges would surely make ANY outfit pop..

8. sourced from Google: Rocker/grunge in its unnatural habitat depicted in this Chanel spread.. 

9. from the ZARA summer lookbook: The disconnected collar on this romper is just the  touch it needed.. And cat print? wow.. 

10. from the ZARA summer lookbook: Denim + any kind of print = Winning.. 

11. sourced from Tumblr: If I had any say, this would be called "print blocking".. 

Usually, I store every picture I stumble across on the internet that seems to speak to me in one way or another in a very frequently-visited picture folder on my computer called "<insert name of month> Inspiration". I don't know when/why I started doing this exactly, but it just became a habit. I just thought I'd share it with you this time around. Just tell me if you guys would like me to do this every month - I'd like to know! Are you inspired?? 

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