Tuesday, June 14

Tutorial: Passion Pink Eyes!

   This is one really nice way to wear pink eye shadows. I call it my "Passion Pink" eye look for no reason in particular. I just thought it was befitting on the look, don't you? 

on my face:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid (f60 Sigma brush)
IMAN Oil Blotting Powder (f50 Sigma brush)

on my eyes:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
bhcosmetics 88 Matte Colors palette 
(e55 & e35 Sigma brushes)
Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

on my cheeks:
ICING Pink Rose Blush
ICING Bronzer [darkest color on top]

on my lips:
Maybelline [I said Revlon in the video, whoops!] 'Tinted Taupe' Lipstick
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip gloss in 'Lemon Drop'

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