Wednesday, June 29

gray skies and coral rain..

from head to toe:

earrings - Freedom for TopShop
tank top - H&M
jeans - New Look
belt - H&M
purse - New Look 
peep toes - Guess

I'm really starting to like this Coral color; even more than pink [my all time favorite] right now. I saw this belt and these earrings and I knew for SURE that my love for the color was here to stay. I was really just going for a very casual effortless look today, thus the minimal jewelry. 
Background switch! 
- I needed to do a close up on the earring whilst seated in my mother's shoe shop. :-) 
I hope you like this! 


  1. i see you and all that junk in the trunk missy! LOVE the bag! <3


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