Tuesday, June 28

DIY: Dries Van Noten inspired Vest

 As the name would imply, you can never ever go wrong with Doing It Yourself! Okay, maybe you can, but it is YOUR creation and only you can tell whether its wrong or not. DIY is one thing I would really encourage people to explore. It is the simple alternative to forking out loads to spend on simple things, things you can easily recreate and make even better by giving things you [probably] already have, your very own personal touch! Here, I decided to work with inspiration from the Dries Van Noten Dip Dye Jeans from the S/S 2011 collection that everyone has been raving about... 

HOW TO: Convert an old/outdated denim jacket to a trendy vest.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but I'll expatiate where necessary. 

What You'll Need
  • non-stretch denim jacket
  • needle + thread / sewing machine
  • pen
  • sharp scissors
  • bleach solution [1 part Bleach + 2 parts Water]

Fray sleeve edges even more if you so desire.
I hated the sequins so I removed them. But that's just personal preference.

Dip for 30 mins and hang out to drip for 10 mins (for the bleach to really work). Do this consecutively for the next 2 hours. Remember to dip the fabric into the solution about an inch short of desired length, giving allowance for the bleach to rise. Leave to soak till desired brightness is achieved. 

Hand/Machine wash separately for the first time, after which it can be washed with like colors.

le finished product!

I hope you liked this tutorial! Leave me a comment with a link to your blog post, picture or video if you try this out! 


  1. I am pleased with the results of the vest. I would love to do the same thing but my desire is to do so with pair of jeans i want to turn to shorts yh, how do you suppose i go about that?

  2. You can cut them and fray/fold them.. Then dip them in so that only the fabric from halfway down the fly to the top ends up blue! [remember the bleach would rise about an inch] :)

  3. "You Are so Cool." - Somto
    And you've inspired me to DIY my way through the summer.

  4. This is beyond cool. Just wonderin...could I do this with a non-denim jacket?

  5. "Love Love Love this!!!! Can't wait to try it out myself. But yeah, as Needisaymore has said, how do we do this with non-denim jackets?"- Daisy

  6. Yes, you guys! You can definitely try this out with any material jacket/shirt/vest.. The same material would just turn white wherever you dipped it in the bleach. Go crazy with your experiment you'll most likely LOVE results! lol

  7. SO creative!! Love it!! Now wishing I didn't throw out all my old denim clothing.


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