Wednesday, June 29

gray skies and coral rain..

from head to toe:

earrings - Freedom for TopShop
tank top - H&M
jeans - New Look
belt - H&M
purse - New Look 
peep toes - Guess

I'm really starting to like this Coral color; even more than pink [my all time favorite] right now. I saw this belt and these earrings and I knew for SURE that my love for the color was here to stay. I was really just going for a very casual effortless look today, thus the minimal jewelry. 
Background switch! 
- I needed to do a close up on the earring whilst seated in my mother's shoe shop. :-) 
I hope you like this! 

Tuesday, June 28

DIY: Dries Van Noten inspired Vest

 As the name would imply, you can never ever go wrong with Doing It Yourself! Okay, maybe you can, but it is YOUR creation and only you can tell whether its wrong or not. DIY is one thing I would really encourage people to explore. It is the simple alternative to forking out loads to spend on simple things, things you can easily recreate and make even better by giving things you [probably] already have, your very own personal touch! Here, I decided to work with inspiration from the Dries Van Noten Dip Dye Jeans from the S/S 2011 collection that everyone has been raving about... 

HOW TO: Convert an old/outdated denim jacket to a trendy vest.

The pictures are pretty self explanatory, but I'll expatiate where necessary. 

What You'll Need
  • non-stretch denim jacket
  • needle + thread / sewing machine
  • pen
  • sharp scissors
  • bleach solution [1 part Bleach + 2 parts Water]

Fray sleeve edges even more if you so desire.
I hated the sequins so I removed them. But that's just personal preference.

Dip for 30 mins and hang out to drip for 10 mins (for the bleach to really work). Do this consecutively for the next 2 hours. Remember to dip the fabric into the solution about an inch short of desired length, giving allowance for the bleach to rise. Leave to soak till desired brightness is achieved. 

Hand/Machine wash separately for the first time, after which it can be washed with like colors.

le finished product!

I hope you liked this tutorial! Leave me a comment with a link to your blog post, picture or video if you try this out! 

Monday, June 20

Its Tradition!

Hi everyone, hope you're all well... As many of you would have noticed, I haven't been posting very often. This is because I have been home for the past three weeks enjoying the peace and serenity here and have not really gone anywhere I had to 'dress up' to at all. I hope you will forgive me for my slacking and I promise to get back to posting at least twice a week! Yes, TWICE! Enjoy! 

Today, I have another OOTD since I haven't done one in a while. Its of me sporting a Traditional Nigerian dress [which my mom designed for me]. Alright fine, its not traditional Nigerian attire, but hey, its made from the traditional African fabric called Ankara (which we find a lot of American celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively sporting nowadays)! Its basically imbibing modern designs/inspiration into our African culture - the maxi dress + traditional fabric. Its quite creative if you think about it like that. I hope you liked it! 

Tuesday, June 14

Tutorial: Passion Pink Eyes!

   This is one really nice way to wear pink eye shadows. I call it my "Passion Pink" eye look for no reason in particular. I just thought it was befitting on the look, don't you? 

on my face:
MAC Studio Fix Fluid (f60 Sigma brush)
IMAN Oil Blotting Powder (f50 Sigma brush)

on my eyes:
Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
bhcosmetics 88 Matte Colors palette 
(e55 & e35 Sigma brushes)
Maybelline Line Stiletto Liquid Eyeliner
Rimmel Lash Accelerator Mascara

on my cheeks:
ICING Pink Rose Blush
ICING Bronzer [darkest color on top]

on my lips:
Maybelline [I said Revlon in the video, whoops!] 'Tinted Taupe' Lipstick
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush Lip gloss in 'Lemon Drop'

Thursday, June 9

May Favorites! (Late)

The items listed below are my May favorites. Even though its June and I'm a tad late, I still have to put this out there. These are a few items I own that I can genuinely say served me well this month. I will also include some randoms that I have recently found noteworthy this past month as well! 

Neutrogena Rapid Clear Face Wash
MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation
MAC Prep + Prime 
MAC 'Girl About Town' Lipstick
MAC 'Ruby Woo' Lipstick
MAC 'Ambering Rose' Blush
Gold Eyeshadow [IMAN/bhccosmetics]
Sigma F50 (Stippling)Brush
WayFarer Sunglasses 

denim vests
denim shirts
varsity jackets
leather jackets
distressed vintage shorts
maxi dresses
patent pumps
animal print elements
mint nails
midnight-blue nails


I'd love to know what your favorite things this past month were! Tell me in the comments! Hope you enjoyed reading this... I promise a tutorial, just as soon as I can get the video I filmed days ago up on my YouTube channel [rate,comment and subscribe]! Thanks for your patience. xx
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