Wednesday, May 4

dreary Rochester...

I thought I could escape all the set backs of the dreary weather we are experiencing here in Rochester, but alas, I have fallen ill. :( I also feel bad about the fact that all the magazines and blogs I read are raving about trends for Spring that I am still yet to experiment with in MAY because it's still cold here! 

At least it does get warm now sometimes but the rain is what's killing me. I'm stuck wearing my black tweed rain boots a lot of the  time when there are lovely flats and sandals to be worn! At least I get to go back home (to Nigeria) in a few weeks. There its ALWAYS summer and I can have as much fun as I want to, oh joy! 

Oh well, I hope to get back to active blogging once I'm well and I promise my lovely readers a collective haul. I have just recently purchased a few things that I'd love to show you, once they all arrive in the mail that is! 

Hope you all are well and enjoying your weather wherever you are! 

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