Wednesday, April 27

make up build up...

so as I said before, I am trying to get started on a make up collection. 
I have recently purchased two brushes from Sigma.
One E55 Flat Eye Shading Brush and an F60 Foundation Brush.

My new brushes:
E55 + F60
I painted over the names with clear nail polish to preserve it.

My E55 brush, I really really needed because I was looking for something like the MAC 239 to use for my 88 colors bh cosmetics eye shadow palette.
The F60 was a brush I  just bought as a way to convince myself to start using liquid foundation. 
For a while now, I have been using my IMAN Stick Foundation and setting it with a Translucent Blotting Powder also from IMAN. As we all know, IMAN products are becoming increasingly scarce. Its a good foundation but it does leave me looking oily and pasty at the end of the day. It has served me well, but I feel I as though the time has come to try something else. I'll write what I think about them so far from other people's reviews, because I cannot seem to make a decision. These are the few I have in consideration: 

  •  MAC Face and Body foundation. My skepticism about this is that it is water-based and is very lightweight. I don't really like to use concealer, so I would prefer that my foundation hid all my blemishes on its own.

  •  MAC Studio Fix Fluid. My skepticism about this is that it is really very heavy. I fear that it will ultimately break me out. 

  • MAC Pro Long wear. I actually don't really know too much about it.

I think I'll just head to the MAC store out in Eastview Mall soon and ask them for samples to try out for myself. I also need them to tell me what color I am so I don't wind up looking like a clown. First thing would be to find a ride there. *sigh* I really do need a car. 


  1. hi jacqui!!!! really amazing blog..just so u know..but then i was wondering the sigma brushes...are they expensive cuz i recently got some from sephora..

  2. Thank you! I really appreciate your saying so! :-) The Sigma Brushes are relatively inexpensive for the quality.. Their smaller eye brushes are usually about $9 each while the larger face brushes range from $14 to $19 each.. It's basically just personal preference on whether you'd like to save/splurge on brushes because these function just as well as Sephora, MAC or any other high end brushes. I hope this helped!

  3. yay!!!! thank really helped...


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