Tuesday, April 19

all my latest cravings...

I am certain that everyone has cravings. Things they just really really want at any instance in time. Some are able to satisfy these more readily than others...  Well, here is an actual comprehensive list of all my latest cravings:

(and yes, I do have an actual physical list of them. ^__^) 

  • MAC lipstick in Hug Me or Shy Girl, I still can't decide. I've decided on Hug Me! 
  • THE Vintage MOSCHINO letters belt. 
  • ASOS Gold Double Cross Ring. (once its back in stock!)
  • A faux fur Gilet for the fall. (aka one of those furry vest thingys that Kim Kardashian would sport. haha) 
  • Lots and lots and lots of rings. (Yes, I've developed an obsession.)
  • I'm starting my make up brush collection so I need few... (I actually just ordered two Sigma Brushes and I think I'll collect Sigma rather than MAC brushes. You've seen the reviews, the brushes are almost exactly alike and the Sigmas are a third of the price of MAC ones! Do the math.. $$) 
  • Miss Dior Cherie (eau de Parfum).
  • Brown Brogues/Oxfords.
  • A vintage-looking satchel bag.
  • A spring jacket. Any spring jacket!
I'll be sure to do hauls on anything else I buy, and I'll be sure to put up videos when I get anything on this list or worthy of note. Don't forget to also sub my YouTube Channel! :)  


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